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Join Dell and Microsoft in a discussion on migration and adoption for Windows Server 2012.

Dell and Microsoft want to give you a smooth transition and support process to adhere to when migrating and adopting a new OS. Usage trends like consumerization and BYOD are driving more consumer devices into the workplace, making end-user productivity and data center efficiency more difficult to manage. During this time of fast-paced change, processes like migration and adoption can either positively or negatively affect end user productivity, depending on how they’re implemented.

If you’re thinking of migrating or even adopting a new strategy to improve end user computing and data center efficiency, Dell and Microsoft want to make it easy for you.

Using Windows Server 2012 as a case study, we’ve brought together our top experts on this topic for a one-hour, Google+ hangout on April 17 from 12-1 p.m. CT to discuss:

  • Benefits and risks associated with migration
  • Migration and adoption best practices
  • Support and transition considerations
  • Server migration/adoption case study: Windows Server 2012

Join the conversation by using the #DellHangout hash tag or by commenting on the Dell Google+ page. By filling out the form below to register for this workshop, you are agreeing to be contacted by a Dell representative.

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