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Matthew Mikell, Senior Advisor and Cloud Evangelist at Dell, said it right: “Cloud is a simple concept, and not a technology, but instead a seismic shift in how IT is delivered.” Conceptualizing both the meaning behind cloud and the economics shift the cloud brings has not been an easy undertaking for most companies. But, with the right IT services partner, you can quickly define the strategy that’s right for you and leave more time for enjoying the economic benefits the cloud has to offer.

Dell and Trend Micro have brought together three top experts in this space for a live one-hour webcast on January 24, 2013 from 12 - 1 p.m. CT.. Register to join our host, cloud computing visionary, and notable author & speaker, David Linthicum; and panelists Dave Asprey from Trend Micro and Matthew Mikell from Dell as they discuss:

  • The journey to the cloud
  • Key considerations for the journey
  • Economic changes stemming from the cloud
  • The future of cloud

Bring your questions and comments and join in the conversation with our experts by following the hash tag #DellWebcast.

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